ClickWP Hosting Features & Specifications

Hosting is a complicated topic in a competitive industry. Web hosts often tout numbers and specs to sell their services. 

ClickWP Hosting is different because we don't aim to make money off our hosting. We provide it because: 

1. It allows us to have full access to the foundations of your website, so we can provide our website care services more reliably and effectively. This is why our hosting is only available as an add-on to our Foundations website care plan.

2. Most of our customers don't need fancy hosting that costs them >$30/mo. They just need worry-free hosting and a web host that puts their websites ahead of their financial interests.

3. It saves ClickWP time (and money) when we don't have to deal with our customers' poor hosting and clueless hosting support.

Most Important Feature

Our goal is to provide a hosting service that serves the needs for most sites that is reliable and worry free. We will always do our best to ensure your website is loading quickly and is secure from hackers and malware. If our hosting causes your website to fail, we will fix it at our own cost.


For those of you who want to know the technical details of our hosting plans:

Multiple Datacenters

We can host your website in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania for minimum geographic latency.

Free SSL

Every website gets free SSL to avoid the "Not Secure" error in the browser address bar, and to take advantage of HTTP/2.

Hourly Backups

All websites are backed up every hour, on the hour, 24/7. We keep hourly backups for the past 12 hours, daily backups for the past 7 days and weekly backups for the past 4 weeks.

Configured for Speed

Built-in server-level caching means your website is fast out of the box. Tweak some settings and your website can go faster still.

Secured & Hardened Servers

Every site has a web application firewall and malware detection standard built-in at the server level, standard.

5GB of disk space / 200 GB bandwidth

More than enough resources for your small business website or blog.

Staging Websites

We can create an exact copy of your website at any time, for no extra cost. This is useful to test out new plugins and features and not worry about accidentally breaking your live site.

Important Notes

If your website requires more advanced hosting, we will recommend you an alternative.

ClickWP Hosting is only available as an add-on to the Foundations plan.

ClickWP Hosting does not include email. Learn more

Control Panel access is only available upon request.