Does ClickWP Hosting include email?

ClickWP’s hosting service is designed specifically to host WordPress websites. Your website is able to send emails as expected e.g. from your contact forms or online store notifications. 

However we do not provide email hosting, i.e. we do not provide the ability to to create email accounts. If you need this feature, we recommend that you use a dedicated email hosting company (see our recommendations below). 

ClickWP will help you setup your email service at no extra cost when you sign up for ClickWP Hosting (migrating your existing email may incur an additional fee).

Using separate companies for web and email hosting provides several benefits:

1.You are able to choose the best providers for email, and are not limited to the sub-par free product included with your web hosting. 

2.Problems with your website will not affect your email and vice versa.

3.Dedicated email providers help ensure better deliverability (ensuring that your email avoids spam filters) by maintaining good IP address reputation. 

Email Hosting Recommendations 

Fastmail – Uncomplicated email hosting with lots of features. This is what we use at ClickWP. $5/mo or $50/year per user.

G Suite – A popular option geared towards collaboration, but may be confusing when juggling personal and work Google Accounts. 

Rackspace – Business-centric email service with optional Microsoft Exchange. $2/mo per user, with a minimum of 5 users. $5/mo per user.