Manage your payment methods

Payment methods that you have used previously can be saved to allow faster checkouts on your next order. ClickWP does not store your credit card details on our servers. We follow best practice and only store the authorization token from when you initially added your payment method.

You can manage your saved payment methods from your account dashboard → Payment Methods (

The Payment Methods screen shows you the payment methods you've used on ClickWP before and allows you to add new ones, or set existing ones as default.

Add a new Payment Method

Click the Add payment method button. You will be brought through the checkout process again to authorize your payment method and save it to your Payment Methods screen.

Setting a default Payment Method

After you add a new payment method, an option will appear to update all your existing subscriptions to use that method. Choose Yes to switch the payment method for all your subscriptions to this new one.

Deleting a Payment Method

Click the Delete button next to the payment method.