Add ClickWP as a Collaborator in your WooCommerce account

Adding ClickWP as a collaborator to your WooCommerce account allows us to help manage your store / website. Doing so will allow ClickWP to:

  • View and manage downloads
  • View and manage subscriptions
  • View and manage tickets on your behalf

ClickWP will not have the ability to:

  • Purchase anything on your behalf
  • Set products to auto-renew
  • Cancel renewals
  • Access order information
  • Access your private account information, including store credit card details

Add ClickWP as a Collaborator

Login to your WooCommerce account. Please note that you will be asked to login with a account, not the user account of your WordPress website. Learn more.

In your WooCommerce dashboard, navigate to My Account → Collaborators tab. Use for the email address and grant us all permissions. Click the Add button.