Manage your website’s cache

ClickWP Hosting enables your website to load super quickly because of server-level caching. This caching bypasses WordPress completely if a visitor requests a web page that already exists in the cache – the server simply serves the a copy of the page it already has in its cache. Learn more about caching

A side effect of this is that the cached copies of your web pages are not updated when you edit a page or publish a new blog post. To avoid this, we install the Nginx Helper plugin whose job is to tell the server to update its cache when a page is updated. You must not deactivate this plugin or visitors will not see the changes made to your website.

You can also use the shortcut in the admin bar to purge the cache completely or to purge individual pages.

You may use additional caching plugins like WP-Rocket in addition to the Nginx Helper plugin for even better performance.

Object Caching

For websites that have high database load, we also recommend activating our Object Cache. This caches expensive database queries in memory to improve database performance. 

Please contact us to if you would like to enable Object Caching. We will then enable and configure this feature for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I updated the content of my website but don't see the changes
Please ensure that the Nginx Helper plugin is activated on your site. Click the Purge Cache button. Finally, clear your browser cache. If you still do not see your changes, please contact ClickWP.

My website is still slow to load
Optimizing your website for speed is a complex topic, however here are some common reasons why your website may still be loading slowly.

1. The images on your web page are too large. Please ensure you are using images that are at the appropriate size. In general they should be less than 1600px wide and under 1MB in size. Learn how to optimize your images

2. The website cache only applies for visitors who are logged out, and on the front end of the site. If you are logged in you will bypass the cache so you can see the most recent changes to your website immediately. The cache also bypasses the WordPress dashboard completely.

How can I exclude certain pages from being cached?
We automatically exclude common pages for popular plugins, e.g. the My Account page for WooCommerce. Please contact us for custom cache exclusions.