Emails from your site

Emails sent from websites hosted on ClickWP hosting work slightly differently from what you may be used to. In traditional web hosting setups, the email is sent from the same server hosting your website. 

Since ClickWP hosting is only for WordPress, we don't send emails from the server. Instead we use a dedicated email service to send your website's emails. This allows us to ensure that your emails get delivered more reliably, avoid spam filters and allows us to monitor it for problems more easily. 

One side effect is the email sent from your site will be from <>. We are working to improve this so that emails are sent from Site Name <{admin email address}>.

For most, this isn't an issue. But if you need to change the way this works today, please contact us for assistance.


Some email clients (like Gmail) may show that your email was sent via This is the return-path domain that ClickWP Hosting uses to send emails. We use it to identify ourselves, build a reputation and process bounce messages. If emails did not come from a domain we owned we would not have the control we need over delivery, reputation and bounce statistics that help us run the service.

Removing “via” information in your emails

Presently the only way to remove this label is to setup a transactional email service like Mailgun or SendGrid. We aim to make this simpler in the future. 

Please contact us for assistance in removing the via label for your website’s emails.