Grant ClickWP access to your WP Engine account

WP Engine's User Portal lets you give ClickWP access to your account without revealing your password. Follow these steps to grant access to ClickWP.

Add ClickWP as an Admin

Log into the WP Engine User Portal

Navigate to Users →  Account Users in the left navigation, then click the ‘Add User’ button. 

Use the following details for ClickWP

  • Name: David Wang
  • Email:
  • Account access: Full (without billing)

Full (without billing) access is needed so that ClickWP can manage your staging sites, push changes live, etc. 

More info about managing users in the WP Engine User Portal.

Appoint ClickWP as your WP Engine Technical Contact

Technical Contacts are different from User Portal users (above). Technical Contacts are the persons that WP Engine will notify regarding critical security information, warnings about issues that could cause downtime, server migration notifications, or DNS updates. 

If you worry that you don't understand these notifications from WP Engine, you can have ClickWP be notified too so we can help interpret these messages and let you know if there is anything concerning. 

To add ClickWP as a technical contact, navigate to and adding Please note that only account owners can edit Technical Contacts.

Learn more about WP Engine's Technical Contacts.