Everything ClickWP can help you with

Your website care or hosting plan gives you access to the ClickWP Caretakers' wealth of knowledge. We can help with all sorts of things related to running a website. 
Unlimited email support is included with your plan, but if you need ClickWP to complete a task for you (hands-on Support) you must purchase a support pass. 

What ClickWP can help you with

Your Website

Configuring WordPress, plugin and theme settings
Everything related to WordPress plugins, except creating new plugins
Everything related to WordPress themes, except creating new themes
Speeding up your website
Fixing your website when it is obviously not working right
Formatting and publishing content (text, images, links, forms, etc) for pages, blog posts, sales pages

Hosting & Email

Migrating your website to a new host
Enable SSL on your website
Troubleshoot web hosting problems / deal with your web host
Creating email accounts and forwarders
Link your website with your email newsletter service e.g. Mailchimp

Domain Names

Link your domain name to your web hosting
Manage your DNS settings
Setup a CDN
Create domain aliases and forwarders


Install Google Analytics
Verify your website with Google Search Console
Install Google AdSense

Social Media

Add social sharing buttons
Install a Facebook Pixel
Verify your website with Pinterest
Add social widgets e.g. your latest Pins, Facebook Page plugin, etc

What ClickWP cannot help you with

We can’t tell you how to run your business. You’ll need to research and decide on the best course of action and tell ClickWP the steps you need help with.
We can’t run your business for you, so we won’t process your store orders or provide customer service.
Beyond the few services listed above, we can't help with non-WordPress services and tools e.g. InfusionSoft, advertising platforms, etc.

We can't configure your phone and laptop because we're not physically there with you.